Top Shelf Weed Aka Dank Weed | All you Need to Know!

top shelf weed

If you’re looking for flavorful weed with an appealing smell, you must learn about dank weed. Top shelf weed, popularly called dank weed, is high-quality cannabis on the higher end of the price spectrum.

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Dank weed is known to be extremely potent and high in THC levels. It is also known for its strong, pungent smell and its dark green color. Dank weed is often grown in small batches and is carefully cultivated to ensure a high level of quality.

It is more potent than Reggie weed or low-quality cannabis products that are unpleasantly moist. Due to the strong aroma and higher potency, it is also called loud or high-grade weed.


Etymology of ”Dank” Weed: Where Does the Name Come From?

But what is the meaning of dank weed? The word dank is a Middle English word. However, it has a Scandinavian origin in which dank refers to marshy spots such as a dank basement or a dank cave.

Dank basements or dank caves are damp, musty, or cold. The words used to describe a dank cellar are closely associated with weed because dank weed bars are sticky, damp, and musty. Therefore, a high-quality cannabis flower is called dank weed as it is greener, stickier, and musty.


Top Shelf Cannabis

Top-shelf refers to the highest quality buds. High-quality weed has more visible buds with dense trichomes and a pleasant aroma.

Quality growers harvest the top-shelf strains for more potent effects. Therefore high-quality marijuana also has better flavor. Also, good weed doesn’t produce harsh smoke.


dank weed


Characteristics of Dank Weed

Now that you are familiar with the meaning of dank weed let us learn about its characteristics. Cannabis smokers must differentiate between low-quality and high-quality strains if they get their weed from the black market.

However, if you purchase weed from a high-end licensed dispensary, they’ll provide you with top-shelf cannabis. So let us learn how to differentiate between bad weed and dank weed.



Visual cues are one of the best ways to determine the quality of your cannabis flower. If you get dense and sticky weed with more visible trichomes, you have high-quality cannabis.

The trichomes store the cannabinoids and terpenes, responsible for better aroma and flavor. Top-shelf marijuana has denser trichomes with a velvety appearance. Some high-quality strains are also covered in white dust.

Depending on the strain’s nature, such weed also has darker green, orange, and red hues. Low-grade weed has more stems, leaves, and seeds and a significantly lower THC content.

Top-shelf weed has more structured buds. As a result, they are not shriveled or brittle.



Top-shelf dank weed is more potent. Unless you have a high tolerance, dank weed will feel more potent than any other type of cannabis.

Top-shelf cannabis has a higher cannabinoid content. This is because it has denser trichomes rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.

If you use cannabis for medicinal purposes, smoking dank weed will give you a distinctive feel as it is excellent for relieving pain and restoring appetite. Moreover, when you break dank weed and roll it, it feels more sticky than low-grade or mids weed, but it does not have an unpleasant aroma.

Actual dank weed is never excessively dry or wet. Another factor that helps determine the quality of weed is the number of stems and seeds.

Expert growers and cannabis smokers can easily differentiate between weed quality.

If you also wish to distinguish between different qualities of weed, you must look into the ‘feel’ of each strain. Remember that the best cannabis has thick and dense buds and does not have a humid bud.


Smell & Taste

Different cannabis strains have different scents. But dank weed has a fresh and pleasant aroma. It is relatively stronger.

In contrast, low-quality weed smells different. For example, if your weed smells like hay or has a musty scent, the cannabis is likely to have mold.

While every strain has a different taste and smell, it is vital to understand that dank weed has a more zesty and earthy flavor.

Moreover, dank weed has a higher THC content which induces more potent psychoactive effects. It also produces better smoke which does not irritate your lungs or throat.

Besides this, dank weed is excellent for treating pain and mitigating anxiety and depression effects. Therefore, it’s suitable to say that dank marijuana doesn’t only come with a better smell and taste but also produces more potent results.


THC Levels

Every strain has variable THC content ranging from 25 to 35 percent THC. THC content above 30% is considered potent. Therefore, when you buy dank weed from a licensed dispensary, it is grown under ideal conditions for maximum THC content.

When you purchase weed, look for the ideal characteristics such as smell, taste, appearance, and feel. If the weed meets the quality standards, you can smoke the buds to determine its THC content.

Moreover, top-shelf weed is rich in cannabinoids such as CBD, which have numerous medicinal benefits. Therefore, purchasing dank weed for better effects is best if you use cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes.


Wrapping Up with Top Shelf Weed

Cannabis has various strains, each with a distinctive scent, texture, and feel. Therefore, you must become familiar with the ideal characteristics to purchase the best quality weed.

For example, black markets often have weeds with a dry and crumbly texture. If you’re only looking for dank weed with dense trichomes and a pleasant smell and taste, it’s best to purchase marijuana from a licensed dispensary.


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