Under 0.3% THC by Net Weight – The Greatest Loophole in Drug Law History?

Cannabis by definition of Federal Law is anything above 0.3% Delta-9 THC by product weight. THC that is derived from hemp and is testing at .009% in some Delta-9 beverages is 33x under the legal limit. Most of the biggest Delta-8 and Delta-9 brands do this type of math with edibles now all over the country, but liquids like seltzers and sodas can get away with more because it’s in a 355 ML drink vs a 4-6 gram gummy. So now you understand the significance of liquid weight and nano emulsion technology.  It made hemp, marijuana basically.

Source: https://cannabisworld.biz/2022/08/02/under-0-3-thc-by-net-weight-the-greatest-loophole-in-drug-law-history/

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