Why Does CBD Oil Change Colour?

No, you’re not imagining things; the all-natural CBD oil that you’ve been using lately has changed colour! It’s natural to feel wary of a supplement that has changed in appearance, but don’t worry – you can still use it. Colour change of CBD oil is common and it’s highly unlikely that pigment change is down to spoiling of the oil itself. 

When CBD oil shifts in colour, the typical result is a black, brown or pink tinge and the new pigmentation is due to a few simple chemical reactions. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons that your CBD-infused oil might have changed colour and how we recommend storing CBD oil to avoid degradation.

My CBD Oil has Changed Colour – Can I Still Use It? 

CBD oil has a distinctive appearance and flavouring – there’s no doubt about it. These unique features can vary from oil to oil, too; even amongst products from the same brand. An oil that is clear in appearance typically indicates a blend with pure carrier oil. Mission C CBD oils are infused with the highest-quality MCT oil which heightens the bioavailability of CBD and enhances absorption in the gut.

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Your CBD oil may appear relatively clear and change its colour over time, ranging from a pinkish tinge to a rich dark brown or black shade. This is normal and you can still use it. The change in colouration is due to a few simple chemical reactions involving heat and sunlight exposure.

What Colour Should CBD Oil Be? 

There’s no clear answer to the question ‘what colour should CBD oil be?’ since tinctures can present in a wide range of shades and consistencies. Your oil may be clear, pink, brown, black, gold or otherwise – the variation is simply the result of a unique range of cannabis compounds and carrier oil, and there’s no advantage between the different shades. 

Some CBD products also contain additional wellness-enhancing ingredients that can alter the product colour, such as Immune Enhance + CBD Oil which contains added natural echinacea, limonene and Vitamin D to support the body’s immune system.  

Cannabidiol oil colour is no indicator of product quality; this is better determined by third-party CBD lab reports. All companies should provide lab analyses of their products to determine the purity, potency and quality of the item. Check out Mission C’s Batch Test Result page to find lab reports for each of our high-quality CBD oils.

As discussed earlier, it’s also completely natural for the original shade of your CBD oil to change due to chemical shifts.

Why Did My CBD Oil Turn Pink?

Many clear CBD oils turn pink. This is due to a compound called polyphenol oxidase, derived from hemp, which turns pink following exposure to light and oxygen. Although the pink tinge can be very noticeable, the overall quality of the product remains unaffected. Limiting the product’s exposure to light and oxygen will delay the colour-changing process, however, the item will likely still undergo some slight colour shift regardless.

Why Did My CBD Oil Turn Black/Brown?

Another common shade for CBD oil to turn is a deep brown-black colour. This colour change can seem concerning initially, but again, this is due to a chemical reaction and does not indicate spoilage. Exposure to light, heat and lengthy shelf times are factors that contribute to the natural darkening of CBD oil. A product that contains broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD is likely to have a darker quality. So if your product turns brown or black, don’t be put off – it’s simply a sign that the product contains mild, often beneficial hemp-derived components.    

How to Store Your CBD Oil

As a CBD oil user, it’s important to be aware that oils typically have a shelf life of up to one to two years, regardless of any observable colour changes. Providing the product does not undergo prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or excess heat, it will remain unspoiled during this time.

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Storing your CBD oil properly will prolong its shelf life. The chemical reactions that contribute to the colour change of the product could potentially accelerate the ageing of the product, so we would recommend always storing your CBD-infused oil, sealed, in a cool dark place, such as a cupboard away from heat sources, or the refrigerator. Only open the bottle when you need to use it, and secure it as soon as you can. If you use one CBD oil bottle for an extended period, keep the dropper, bottle neck and cap clean with some warm water and a little soap.  

If you discover an accumulation of brown gloop on the inside of the bottle, throw your product away. This is uncommon and often an indicator of bacteria building up.

The Takeaway 

Any change in the appearance of your CBD oil can be disconcerting, but colour variations are the result of harmless chemical reactions from exposure to light and heat. It is typical for oil to turn pink, brown, black or gold and this colour change is not usually linked to product spoilage. Keeping your CBD-infused oil in a dark, cool place and limiting heat and light exposure will prolong its shelf life, which is typically one to two years.

Source: https://www.missionc.com/blogs/news/why-does-cbd-oil-change-colour

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