Why doesn’t my homegrown weed scent good?

Whenever you incorrectly dry your Hashish buds, molds thrive, micro organism develop, and with an excessive amount of warmth, your Hashish buds scent foul. They scent like hay or freshly-cut grass, mould or mildew, and a chemical scent. One of the simplest ways to save lots of your smelly Hashish buds is to dry and remedy them appropriately.

Why would not my homegrown weed scent good?​

What ought to Hashish buds scent like?

Whenever you adequately domesticate and remedy your Hashish buds, they may have an intense and nice aroma. When buds give off a powerful, good scent, it signifies the superb high quality of your Hashish. As a rule of thumb, the stronger the aroma, the higher.

The scent of Hashish buds varies relying on their strains. Its distinctive scent ranges from woody and earthy to citrusy and candy, relying on its strains. Additionally, the scent of Hashish performs an important position in distinguishing the consequences of their completely different strains. It’s going to assist you calm down and relieve stress, whereas others can promote focus and application. Its aroma is brought on by chemical compounds known as terpenes. To study extra about terpenes, chances are you’ll learn our submit "What are terpenes?"

What widespread varieties of unhealthy Hashish bud smells are there?

The scent of your Hashish bud varies relying on their strains. Some scent like lemon and candy, and others may scent like wooden or earthy. Nonetheless, it’s important to watch out with the scent of your Hashish as a result of there are aromas that point out unhealthy Hashish buds. Listed here are the commonest unhealthy smells which recommend that there’s something improper together with your Hashish:

Freshly-Minimize Grass

When Hashish smells like freshly-cut grass or hay, it’s an indicator that the chlorophyll in Hashish is decomposing into ammonia. It occurs when the curing course of will not be completely performed or is incomplete.

Mildew or Mildew

One other scent you should look out for in your Hashish is mould or mildew, or it smells like a moist towel. If this occurs, it’s a signal that contamination happens with molds. When Hashish vegetation are cultivated or saved in humid circumstances, mould can develop, leading to mould contamination. Additionally, when cured and dried incorrectly, mould contamination can occur.

Chemical Odor

When your Hashish smells like chemical compounds or plastic, it’s one other signal of unhealthy buds. It occurs if you poorly retailer them along with some chemical compounds and pesticides or excessively used chemical dietary supplements and skipped the flushing course of. You possibly can learn extra on the right way to flush hashish right here.

Why do my homegrown buds scent unhealthy?

The next are the widespread the explanation why your homegrown buds scent off. Additionally, there are tricks to repair this drawback.

Dried Incorrectly

You’re fascinated with how your buds scent throughout the flowering stage. Nonetheless, they scent like hay or fresh-cut grass after the drying course of. This scent can be known as the chlorophyll scent. You’ll ask, "why does it occur?". Nicely, the primary cause behind that is the wrong drying course of. The next are the widespread drying errors:

1. Buds are Dried Erratically

When buds are dried inconsistently, they scent like hay, chlorophyll, or fresh-cut grass. It outcomes from drying too quick in a heat place with out correct air flow. Additionally, if you solely dry some a part of your buds utilizing a fan whereas the opposite part stays moist. Another excuse is when the whole vegetation are hung the wrong way up. The tendency is that the within half doesn’t dry on the identical tempo as the skin. Thus, leading to a hay scent.

2. Publicity to Heat Temperatures and lack of Air Circulation

One other incorrect drying process is when your buds are uncovered to heat temperatures and uncirculated air. When this occurs, mould thrives and can make your buds scent like fresh-cut grass.

3. Buds are Too Shut Throughout Curing

When you’re curing too many buds in a small container, it creates moist spots in opposition to its floor. Additionally, buds are stacked on high of one another. Because of this, it can scent like hay, making your Hashish buds not interesting anymore.

4. Trimming Buds With out Local weather Consideration

A lot of chances are you’ll ask whether or not to trim your Hashish buds earlier than or after drying. Buds coated by leaves have a tendency to remain moist throughout the drying course of when growers air-dry them in a damp local weather. Thus, they may trim a number of the leaves off to stop buds from soaking throughout the drying course of. Nonetheless, trimming off your leaves earlier than drying will dry buds rapidly in a sizzling or low humidity stage. Since not all strains are leafy, there may be not at all times a profit to trimming buds earlier than drying.

In conclusion, it’s important to trim the buds earlier than drying when humid. However, trim the buds after drying when the local weather is sizzling.

You possibly can learn extra about the right way to harvest freshly harvested weed on this submit.


Many cultivators grow to be unwary of mould throughout harvest time. Thus, they grow to be annoyed once they discover it out since they don’t have a alternative however to toss it away. Other than its foul scent, it can make your buds harsh and unsafe to smoke.

Hashish rising in a heat surroundings permits molds to thrive. As they take up water and vitamins, they transpire, which promotes humidity. Because of this, mould and mildew are more likely to happen in your vegetation. Thus, it’s important to be vigilant as a grower to keep up the wholesome progress of your Hashish whereas conserving an eye fixed out for potential molds.

Normally, molds are brought on by the shortage of airflow, an excessive amount of excessive humidity, large temperature swings, and low nighttime temperature. Other than that, overwatering can even trigger mould, making your rising medium damp.

Micro organism

Throughout the curing course of, micro organism progress could be very more likely to occur. It happens when buds are too moist after being put inside a jar. Micro organism would assault in a moist and low-oxygen situation.

You could marvel why your buds really feel moist after sitting in jars. It’s typical for buds which might be dry outdoors to develop moisture for the reason that wetness from the within of them works its method to exit. Thus, it’s important to verify your buds every so often to make sure they’re dry throughout the curing course of.

For those who discover an excessive amount of moisture in your buds or scent musty ammonia and rotting, it’s important to take away the buds from the jars. Then, permit a while to dry them earlier than placing them again inside.

Bear in mind, the humidity of your air can adversely have an effect on your buds throughout the curing course of. For those who observe dry buds, however the humidity appears excessive sufficient to advertise bacterial progress, maintain the lids off jars for a couple of hours till humidity decreases. You could think about using a hygrometer to observe the quantity of water vapor or humidity in your jars.


One other reason behind poor-smelling buds is warmth. When the surroundings is just too sizzling, it might decrease your buds’ high quality, leading to a foul scent and being harsh to smoke. Any temperature over 85° Fahrenheit (25° Celsius) reduces the standard of your buds. Thus, it’s important to regulate the temperature when buds begin to type till the curing course of.

Does the unhealthy Hashish scent go away throughout drying and curing?

Your harvest will not be ruined when your Hashish buds scent off as a result of chlorophyll. You’ll want to correctly dry and remedy your Hashish buds to interrupt down the chlorophyll. For those who patiently wait throughout the drying course of, the foul scent will disappear, and you’ll absolutely take pleasure in your Hashish. The time for the Hashish buds’ unhealthy scent to fade might fluctuate on how it’s dried. However you do not want to attend longer than 4 weeks of ready time.

Nonetheless, it can in all probability by no means be nice if you dry and remedy smelly Hashish buds. The rationale behind its scent has additionally destroyed a number of the bud’s terpenes. It could additionally stop the bud from reaching its most efficiency.

Now, your query is, "how can I dry and remedy my Hashish buds correctly?" Earlier than that, drying and curing aren’t the identical. Drying takes place first, then afterward, curing follows. Right here is the right way to do it:

  1. Cling the trimmed branches of your Hashish in a string or wire inside a very darkish room.
  2. Use a fan that lightly circulates air contained in the room. Be certain that it’s not blowing immediately throughout any buds.
  3. Regulate the temperature between 60°-70° Fahrenheit (16°-21° Celsius) and humidity stage at 45-55%.
  4. Verify your bud every so often. When the smaller branches snap as an alternative of bending, and the buds really feel crunchy, they’re now prepared for curing.
  1. Minimize off your buds from their branches. Then, put them inside an hermetic container. Mason jars are good since air can not penetrate inside. Nonetheless, you need to use any container so long as it’s hermetic. Keep away from packing your buds too tight contained in the jar. As a lot as potential, fill the container loosely. Then, retailer them in a cool, dry, and darkish place.
  2. Verify your buds a number of occasions a day. Buds shouldn’t be crunchy anymore on the skin and should begin rehydrating themselves. The moisture is coming from deeper throughout the buds. It’s the process of the curing course of to do away with it. Nonetheless, if they don’t seem to be rehydrating, you dried up Hashish buds an excessive amount of throughout the drying course of.
  3. Throughout the first week, open your container for a couple of minutes to let the buds breathe. It’s going to additionally permit moisture to evaporate and invite oxygen contained in the container.
  4. For those who scent the ammonia as you open the container, the buds are too moist after drying. For those who discover this, it’s important to take away the buds and provides them time to dry and gather them inside afterward. It’s harmful for micro organism are attacking your buds, which can result in mould and decay.
  5. After the primary week, open the jar as soon as a day to let moisture evaporate.

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