Cash Only’s 420 Recs: Weed Journalist Lindsey Carmela Bartlett

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Lindsey Carmela Bartlett is a powerhouse writer and photographer, whose work has been published in pretty much every cannabis-focused publication under the sun. Whether it’s an interview with Lil’ Kim about her new weed line, or a profile of the first doctor’s office for psychedelic medicine, Bartlett is on it with her authentic voice and insightful writing chops.

Bartlett is a tried-and-true weed consumer—she walks the walk and will tell you upfront that she’s a “blunt girl,” make no bones about it. The journalist has strong convictions about how she consumes her weed and where it comes from. A pack of pre-rolls stuffed with bottom-of-the-barrel flower won’t cut it for this connoisseur.

Lucky for us, Bartlett’s here to share some details about her personal pot preferences, including her affinity for weed cigars and “one-handed smokes,” why she likes to dive into some poetry after a smoke sesh, and some choice tunes to play once you’re really baked.

Courtesy of Lindsey Bartlett

What’s your current favorite strain and how do you like to consume it?

Lindsey Carmela Bartlett: Such a hard choice. I love an OG strain lately because the taste is so nostalgic and so pungent. ‘92 OG from Atrium Cannabis is really good. I also love to smoke Mom’s Weed and Whitethorn Rose from Huckleberry Hill Farms; they are both sun-grown and extremely special. I love rolling joints and blunts, over glass. I am a blunt girl. I prefer a one-handed smoke—a clean getaway.

Do you have any other favorite weed products right now?

Give me a hash or rosin infused blunt any day of the week, they’re amazing. Infused joints and blunts have to be the most creative cannabis product category to me because it’s just so damn innovative. And oftentimes they feature fun collabs with amazing hash makers and growers, all rolled up into a limited-edition smoke sesh. They’ll be wrapped in a hemp leaf or rose petals or some crazy delicious new wrap. It’s creative AF, like smokable art. A few companies that do it well are Packwoods, Mendo Massive, Sovereign, El Toro Verde, Paletas, El Blunto, and Jeeter. It’s just such a luxurious experience.

What activity do you like to do after you’ve gotten stoned?

After a bomb-ass blunt, I love to hike in the foothills or walk down to the beach and watch the waves. I love being in nature with weed: toes in sand, flowers, botanic gardens, a patch of grass. Anywhere with fresh air—a place to commune with the earth.

Can you recommend something to watch while smoking?

I have been watching Our Flag Means Death on HBO and it’s hilarious. It’s created by Taika Waititi and it’s about pirates. Absolute dry, irreverent New Zealand sense of humor. It’s so weird and so funny.

Courtesy of Lindsey Bartlett

Can you recommend something to listen to once stoned?

I have been blasting Being So Normal by Peach Pit, front-to-back. It’s not new, but it still hits so hard. Here are more of my fav sesh albums lately: Care For Me by Saba, Historian by Lucy Dacus, Los Angeles Is Not For Sale Vol. 1 by Dom Kennedy, and Pony by Orville Peck. I like to smoke weed, vibe out, and dance to music all day.

Can you recommend something to read that fits with weed?

Yes, I recommend getting high and getting lost in some amazing poetry. I love this new powerful book of poems by Warsan Shire, it’s called Bless the Daughter Raised by a Voice in Her Head. I also love this fiction book On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by the amazing poet and author Ocean Vuong.

Courtesy of Lindsey Bartlett

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