How to Choose a Dispensary | Detailed Guide

how to choose a dispensary

Different states have different laws regarding the local dispensaries due to the complex legality of cannabis in most parts of the United States. Cannabis dispensaries must face the challenge of marketing medical marijuana to keep up with the highly restrictive black market operators.

But consumers cannot choose every other dispensary as they are highly conscious about the product they consume and the price at which it comes.

Cannabis consumers consider some critical factors before running errands to their nearby medical marijuana dispensary. If you’re a new cannabis consumer, you must be wondering how to choose a dispensary? Here is a detailed guide.


Things to Consider When Choosing a Marijuana Dispensary

Many consumers use marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes. Therefore, they look for a perfect dispensary that meets their requirements.

But every state has different laws regarding the use of recreational marijuana. Thus, it is a notorious challenge to find the right dispensary for yourself because there are many dispensaries around, thanks to the legal status of medicinal marijuana.

Finding a strain of choice becomes difficult if you do not choose a good medical and recreational dispensary. Therefore you should consider some essential aspects before choosing a dispensary.

Let us look into these factors that affect a consumer’s dispensary choice.



Location is one of the critical factors that affect a consumer’s choice. For example, suppose a consumer uses medicinal marijuana for its pain-relieving properties. Running errands to dispensaries is not helpful.

In this case, consumers should choose nearby dispensaries in a convenient location, so they do not have to travel for hours to buy their products.

It is difficult for consumers to travel long distances to purchase cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes. They prefer to choose a medical marijuana dispensary that delivers cannabis to their doorstep. This works well for people who consume cannabis to treat various illnesses.

However, choosing a dispensary is not solely based on location as there are other critical factors such as the product quality and pricing that helps shape your decision.


Product Quality

There are various types of cannabis strains available in the market. Each strain differs from another due to THC and CBD content differences.

Some strains have a higher CBD content, ideal for treating joint pain, arthritis, skin inflammation, etc. Other strains are better suited for recreational use as they contain more THC.

Medical cannabis dispensaries sell high-quality cannabis, but you need to look into the product before purchasing. Also, make sure that the dispensary sells fresh cannabis with a good smell.

Never choose a dispensary that sells cannabis with a foul odor as it may have mold. Smoking cannabis with mold is detrimental to your health if you have weak immunity.

Some of the dispensaries grow their cannabis which is fresher and offers a more pleasurable experience. But it may come at a higher cost. Therefore you must look into the pricing as well.



Quality cannabis products are expensive, but pricing still plays a vital role in helping consumers decide which dispensary to choose.

Price is an important consideration when looking for a cannabis product of your choice because most cannabis consumers know the pricing of the cannabis strain they use.

If a dispensary sells medical cannabis and a specific strain at a higher price, consumers are less likely to buy from them. They would instead choose a dispensary that has reasonable pricing.

Therefore marijuana dispensaries can make a more significant profit by lowering their margins as it attracts more cannabis consumers.

Each U.S. cannabis consumer spends $500 to $2,500 on cannabis products per year. But it is impossible to make a correct estimation as black market sales do not get registered.

This figure shows that consumers spend hundreds of dollars on cannabis-related products. Dispensaries can lower the margin to attract customers to have long-term benefits.


choose your dispensary


Product Offering

The product offering is another crucial factor affecting the choice of cannabis consumers. A medical marijuana dispensary must keep track of the products in demand and remain compliant with the state regulations. This also provides the dispensaries with a deeper insight into the sales trend.

If you’re wondering how to choose a dispensary, you must look into the available products to decide.

Depending on your medicinal use and condition, the doctor may recommend different strains of medical cannabis. Therefore, you need to ensure that the dispensary you choose has the required products.

Suppose you choose a dispensary near your home, but they do not have a reliable product offering. The dispensary location isn’t going to benefit you in this case. Therefore it’s wise to go through the product offerings before choosing a medical cannabis dispensary.

You should also compare the different dispensaries in your area. Not all dispensaries sell cannabis-related products such as tinctures, sprays, vaporizers, topicals, etc. However, you can also request your local dispensary to consider stocking a specific product for you.



Before you choose to purchase from a store, you look into the brand’s reputation. Similarly, before purchasing cannabis, you must look into the dispensary’s reviews to know what customers say about their products and service.

Good customer reviews are vital as they provide insight into the dispensary’s customer service. Unfortunately, many dispensaries have negative reviews, and you should avoid them as they may not be selling high-quality cannabis products.

You should also visit the dispensary to check the ambiance. You should check if the dispensary has a comfortable atmosphere, a wide selection of products, friendly staff, and reasonable pricing.


Closing with: Choose a Dispensary

Cannabis dispensaries can establish good customer relationships by implementing modern marketing tactics and keeping a wide range of products in demand.

Location and accessibility play a vital role in altering a customer’s decision. Still, factors such as quality products, great customer service, the behavior of the staff, and pricing have an equal role in attracting a cannabis consumer to a good dispensary.

Good dispensaries can personalize the user experience by providing the recommended products and stocking them on demand. If you have secured your medical marijuana card, you can check to find the most accommodating dispensaries near you!


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