How To Grow Weed At Home: A Step-By-Step Guide 

If there’s one thing that I have always wondered (or from the time I was in college) is how to grow weed at home. Why spend so much on the same when you can make it at home, right? That seemed like the best solution to all problems at college. But we never got around to doing it back then. 

“I may not be smoking hot, but I’m definitely smoking pot.”

However, things took a drastic turn when the world was hit by the global pandemic, and literally, everything was shut down for months. College was long over, but the love for marijuana was forever. So I decided to do the impossible…literally because it was a random idea, and I did not even have the required resources at my disposal.

Keep reading to find out how I made the most of what I had a few summers ago – I promise it’s a great story!

Stoned, Not Stupid: How I Grew Weed At Home!

The world has this idea about how all stoners are stupid because weed has stunted the cognitive development of their brains. Well, that part is true, but that’s not applicable for all. I believe if you can keep it all together and enjoy indulging in some premium-quality marijuana from time to time, it is totally fine. 

There is a difference between enjoying your drinks and becoming an alcoholic. The same logic is applicable to all marijuana fans. So without wasting any further time, let’s find out how I grew some solid weed at home nearly two years ago. Sounds pretty crazy, right? Scroll down and read my story!

“Stop referring to us as weed smokers,  from now on you can call us your highness.”

So like I was saying, I had absolutely no experience and resources, to be honest, but the internet is a strange place – you can probably get everything you are looking for! First things first, I knew I needed some A-class tools and resources. Here’s what I did!

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Gardening Tools That I Acquired

Once I figured out how to grow weed at home (or tried to find out), it was time to start seeking the tools I needed. 

1. Growing Tent

Growing Tent

You need a growing tent for growing your weed. If you have the budget, you can definitely purchase a growing tent. There are many such tents available in the market, and several even come with various gears inside, which boosts the growth of the plant. 

However, if you are in my shoes, then best you stick to an old tent. I borrowed my boyfriend’s old tent and thoroughly cleaned it before using it as a growing tent for growing weed. I saved money and even on delivery time because these things take a lot of time to get delivered.

2. Grow Light

Grow Light

No plant can grow without light, and naturally, even if you are growing weed, you need to take care of the lights. Ideally, you can opt for Metal Halide (MH), High-Pressure Sodium (HPS), or even High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting systems, accompanied by reflectors, ballasts, and bulbs. But then again, that would be an expensive option for several people. 

In that case, you can always opt for Compact Fluorescent (CFL) or Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) systems. You just need to make sure that the light is covering the tent’s footprint. Also, either by a timer or be proactive like me about switching the lights on or off as and when required. 

3. Filter & Fan

Filter & Fan

The third thing that you need is a carbon filter that’s activated and an exhaust fan for reducing heat and removing odors. Naturally, while doing so, you need to get hold of a filter that is the right size for your tent, otherwise, it will not do. Again, make sure you are precise about measurement, at least in this case.

Of course, I did not invest money in this equipment. I took help from a circulating fan in my room and used the old kitchen exhaust for similar purposes. To make sure that the humidity and temperature were also under control, I used our home thermometer! 

4. Marijuana Clones or Seeds

Marijuana Clones or Seeds

There are two basic ways to get hold of top-quality weed, especially if you are growing weed at home. You can either purchase marijuana clones or seeds from any dispensary or order them online. When you are learning how to grow weed at home and going through the same for the first time, it’s best to use only top-quality seeds. 

Top-quality marijuana seeds don’t come for cheap, and as a result, I had no clue what to do till I remembered that one friend who could help me out with some crazy seeds. And well, he did. I just promised that when the plant actually grows, I will give him some good pot – any stoner will love to hear these lines, and so did he!

“Maybe she’s born with it…maybe it’s coffee and cannabis.”

Pro Tip: Additionally, don’t forget to invest in nutrients for feeding and nurturing your plants! Don’t forget to cut a few holes at the bucket’s bottom while using saucers to catch any sort of overflow. 

The Green Story Of Liberation: 8 Steps To Growing Weed At Home

Once I got hold of all the tools that I needed for growing weed, it was time to find out whether I knew how to grow weed or if it was all inside my head! Strangely I needed to follow only eight basic rules for growing weed at home – here’s what I did!

1. A Place To Grow: 

The first step is to find the perfect growing area for figuring out how to grow weed. Now with a growing tent, you can grow weed even inside your room – if you can’t wait for the climatic conditions for growing weed to appear, you can create the same inside your room. 

2. Finding Light:

If you don’t find an area with the right amount of light, then there is no point in trying to grow weed at home. You need light for growing the perfect strain of weed. Now with the right tools, you can even create the perfect lighting conditions for growing a good strain of weed. 

3. Selecting The Right Medium:

While selecting the right medium, you need to remember that choose the right soil and soil mixture because, without the same, your weed plant is likely not going to grow right. Moreover, the right kind of soil is essential for the healthy growth of your weed plant. 

4. Choosing Nutrients: 

I personally believe that if you opt to go all organic with nutrients for your weed plant, it will do you a whole lot of good. After all, you are growing nature’s best gift to humanity – how can you use any nutrients that are not natural or organic.

5. Preparing The Plant:

While preparing your weed plant, it is better to opt for marijuana clones because of two primary reasons. Firstly, these are quite easily available, and secondly, these are more convenient to handle, since you are already in the occupation of a plant to already start with!

6. Vegging:

This is the stage where it all depends upon the qualitative care that you have to provide to your new plant. If you do not provide extra nutrients, the right amount of light, water, and related stuff, then your plant will either not grow properly, or it will simply die. And nobody really wants that. 

7. Blooming:

This is the stage when your weed plan finally starts blooming. Don’t make any mistakes, this is perhaps one of the most important stages, and you must not compromise on care. For starters, you need to make the lighting schedule 1:1, which basically means an equal balance between light and darkness.

8. Harvesting:

Once your newly grown buds are ready for harvest, you can finally start cutting the buds. Cutting is essential because it preserves the trichomes in the process. Now you can proceed to drying, curing, or even trimming these. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can We Plant Weed At Home?

Yes, you can grow weed at home – you just need to know how to grow weed. The fact is you can opt for growing weed outdoors or even create the climatic condition for growing the same indoors. Get hold of the right tools, and you are all set to go. 

2. How Long Does It Take To Grow Weed?

In most cases, if you are opting to grow weed outdoors, it takes about four to eight weeks to grow weed at home. However, if you do the same indoors, it definitely takes lesser time, but that varies. 

3. Does Weed Grow Naturally In India?

Yes, the cannabis plant is native to many Indian states, but at the same time, it is illegal to grow weed in India. However, Indian villages in the Himalayas cultivate weed every marijuana season. 

Puff, Puff, Pass!

Once my weed plant was finally ready to help me out, I realized it was not only cheaper but also worth the wait – much better than believing some sketchy dispensary during a time when health is of utmost importance, and Covid is out to get you. Once I learned how to grow weed on my own, I have been doing the same since then! 

“My circle so small, I passed the blunt to my other hand and hit it again.”

So what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts about the same in the comment section below. 

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