Keeping A Cannabis Diary

Keeping A Cannabis Diary



Keeping diaries or journals has been a lot more popular over the last few years. Dot journaling became an extremely popular mental health aid and generally was found to help with day to day life. I know a lot of people who journal every night, I’m not one of them as I tried but kept forgetting so just gave up. However, even if you’re like me it can be a really good idea to keep a diary when you’re high. This can not only help you understand how your body gets high best, but also keeps hold of all those pesky stoned thoughts that always manage to escape. Honestly, a lot of those thoughts will be nonsense but it’s still great for a laugh the next day. 


What Is The Point?


Some of you may be asking what the point is in keeping a stoner diary. The great thing is that you can really use it for whatever you like! People track their smoking and their strains for all sorts of reasons whether it be tracking usage or making sure you know which strains are best for you. If you want you can use it to track your thoughts and maybe how they change from strain to strain. Keep a library of which strains you prefer for which kind of day or event. These diaries are especially good for those who are growing their own strains, whether they are new to it or have been doing it for years. Basically, it’s your journal and you can decide what the point is. 

Initially, you need to decide how you’re going to journal or make your notes. You might want to use a notes app on your phone, or get a pretty book to write in. If you like a book you might be one of those people who go hard on neatness, colours, maybe drawings etc. Or maybe you want to write a more stream of consciousness type affair just of your thoughts. Before you can do anything you need to figure out the style that will work for you. So let’s have a look at the best ways to keep each type of journal so you can get the most out of this practice. 


Smoking Diary


This journal is for those who want to write about and track their consumption of cannabis, be it recreational or medicinal. If you’re tracking consumption you may want to write down which strains you’re smoking and how they make you feel. Or possibly other aspects that could change the outcome of your smoke like food, water, amount smoked, time of day, how much you’ve slept etc. Maybe look into the benefits of each strain, is it helping you sleep? Reducing pain? Reducing anxiety and stress? This leans more into the medicinal side of cannabis but many people use it both for recreation and medicinal reasons. 

Noting strains is important as cannabis can be so fickle in how it affects your body. If you are using weed for something specific it makes a lot more sense to keep note of which strain you preferred, how you got it and how much of it you ingested. 

Another thing that could be fun to note down is how you’ve ingested the cannabis. Maybe you’re playing around with vaping, edibles, tinctures, what have you and you can figure out which ones work best for you. 


Grow Diary


Grow diaries are quite a bit more complicated than smoking diaries and will need some dedication. Well, if you want to make sure you’re growing the best weed you possibly can. If you don’t note down the mistakes and triumphs of each growing experience you will likely make the same mistakes again or will forget how you got your plant to do that awesome thing last time. Basically what you’re creating is an instruction manual for growing the perfect plants. 

You can track a couple of different germination methods to start with and figure out which is best for your set-up. 

Next, you want to track how you are watering the plants and what kinds of nutrients you’re using and the kind of growing medium you are using. This is extremely important as it is how your plants are getting set up for the rest of their plant lives. 

Depending on your set up you should either track which lighting system works best, which doesn’t add too much heat or any other issues. Your set-up is extremely important and through the different crops, you can try different styles of growing and keep note of which works best for you. 

Once they have started growing you can take notes each week and tweak their environment as you go noting down the effect. Also, keep an eye on the humidity in the grow room and the temperature. 

If you are growing outdoors then you can keep note of the environment where you live. When the sun comes up and sets, try and look at the weather ahead of time etc. 

Keep track of pests or diseases and the best ways to deal with them so that if they crop up you’re ready to go. 

Then finally it’s a good idea to track all the drying and curing information by strain. 


Making Journaling Easier


Most people recommend planning out your journaling ahead of time and trying to make yourself stick to that schedule. If you want to track how cannabis affects you it can be good to write before and after you smoke to see how your moods etc have changed. My primary issue with journaling is I start out great at it, then I forget for a few days, and then I just give up because after that it seems pointless. Don’t do that, even if you skip days it’s fine you can just keep going. It may seem tricky at the start but most who have created cannabis journals swear that they can really see a difference after the first couple of weeks. 


Written by Tasha Porritt


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