Malaysian ex-diplomat and son busted for growing cannabis

In Malaysia, an ex-diplomat was busted along with his son for growing cannabis plants in his house in the village of Janda Baik in Bukit Tinggi. This is 30 miles from the capital, Kuala Lumpur. It is reputedly the country’s largest-ever cannabis plantation

The Malaysian flag. Photo: the Malaysian Government

Datuk Ramli Mohamed Yoosuf (“datuk” is a Malaysian male title also held by the ex-diplomat), the chief of police in the state of Pahang, told that the ex-diplomat, aged 78, was placed under arrest at his home at around 18:10 on Saturday May 21 2022 and his son, aged 53, was taken at his house in Shah Alam, Selangor, at 17:30 on Friday May 27.

Malaysia’s biggest cannabis plantation ever

When police raided the ex-diplomat’s house that sits on eight-acres of land, they found 102 cannabis plants estimated to be worth MYR 61,200 (a whole £11,049). At a press conference, Ramli described this as “the largest seizure of cannabis plants in the country so far.”

The son tested positive for cannabis. He allegedly began his drug-related activities in 2013 and started to grow cannabis in 2015. Police suspected the house’s remote location had made growing cannabis easier to mask. They are now looking into who the drugs were sold to.

The ex-diploma was held in custody while his son faces the same fate imminently.

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