Man sent down for growing 136 cannabis plants

A man found himself packed off to jail for growing 136 cannabis plants in Bournemouth. The drug haul had an estimated value exceeding £100,000. 29-year-old Kosmas Lampros, who hails from Albania, made a guilty plea to the charge of producing cannabis.

A postbox on Cleveland Road. Photo: bazzadarambler

The tale unfolds…

Police called at the address, a three-bedroom detached house on Cleveland Road, just before 2 am on 2 April 2021 with regards to another matter. Lampros answered the door but wouldn’t allow the officers to enter. He dashed to the back of the building and exited a kitchen window. This took him to the garden. It was there that rozzers arrested him.

What the coppers found

Inside, the house, the coppers found that Lampros had been growing 136 cannabis plants: 37 large, 27 medium-sized and 72 small ones. The prosecutor, Tom Acworth, stated that a drug expert estimated that as much as 243 pounds of cannabis could have been produced, with a value of up to £114,000.

”I was just the gardener”

In an interview with police, Lampros remarked that he was taking care of the cannabis on behalf of someone else. He had already been paid £250 and expected a further sum of about £3,000 upon harvesting of the plants.

Lampros was sentenced at Bournemouth Crown Court on Wednesday June 29 2022. His barrister, Paul Walker, mentioned that Lampros had no prior convictions and was only overseeing the cannabis farm after experiencing financial difficulty on account of the Covid pandemic. He had been sending money to his family in Albania and acknowledged that his actions were “stupid and wrong.”

A really grave offence

Walker asked the judge to impose a suspended sentence. The beak, Jonathan Fuller QC, didn’t comply because of the gravity of the offence. He commented that Lampros was perfectly aware that he was engaged in something illegal that would have made “substantial profits” for “those who set it up.” He accepted that Lampros’s role “was to a degree limited,” but it was still “significant,” and Lampros would have been well-paid. Lampros had also been “in there for some time.”

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