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People nowadays are working more than ever before, so to calm themselves down from the daily stress and anxiety, they need more than a good night’s sleep.

What can be better than a new marijuana strain to help them calm down? The best new strain to help relieve stress and anxiety is the Pink Runtz strain. 

So let’s find out more about this new strain of Pink Runtz.

Exploring Pink Runtz Strain!

What Is The Pink Runtz Strain?

The Pink Runtz strain is gaining a lot of popularity among people dealing with stress and anxiety on a daily basis. So let’s see in detail what this new strain is all bout in more details.

What Is The Pink Runtz Strain?

The new Pink Runtz strain is made from two other strains, namely Gelato and Zkittlez. It is a hybrid strain of marijuana and also a phenotype of an original Runtz.

The hype that has been created around this new strain is for good reasons; it has a fruity, candy-like sweet aroma to it. The flavor of this strain is more fruity, like grapefruit or strawberry.

This is one of the reasons why it is liked by most. So next time when you are shopping online for the latest strains, put on the Pink Runtz cart, and it will be delivered to your home.

Characteristics Of The Strain

The Pink Runtz weed strain has a dark green color with a pink shade to it. There are a few other characteristics of this infamous Pink Runtz Strain like it has a very fruity smell and taste to it, which will make you hungry for more.

Since this strain is a hybrid of the Zkittles and Gelato strains, Pink Runtz has inherited its flavor and aroma from its parent strains. Being a hybrid strain, it has a 50-50 ratio of Sativa and Indica.

This Pink strain is known to be a mood uplifter with properties such as 17% – 20% of THC and also 0.5% – 0.9% of CBD to it.

With such uplifting properties, I must say it is not the type of strain to be smoked by any first timer smokers, as you might disregard the fact is Pink Runtz strong, and the answer is yes.

Cannabinoid THC Dominant
THC 18.67% – 20.33%
CBD 0.71% – 1.02%
Aroma Citrus smell with a hint of earthy notes
Taste Flowery, Sweet, Berry
Effects Happy, Hungry, Uplifted
Side Effects Headaches, Mild Paranoia, Mild Dizziness

Effects Of The Pink Runtz Strain

Effects Of The Pink Runtz Strain

With all the types of marijuana strains out there, Pink Runtz also has some effects and side effects to it, so let’s start with the effects that you can feel after smoking Pink Runtz.


After smoking Pink Runtz, it has been seen that people felt happier than they were before. It uplifts the mood instantly after smoking the joint. This type of upliftment proves great for people who are dealing with stress and depression on a daily level. 

Whether it is due to work pressure or personal problems, this strain has proven to uplift your mood in an instant and make you feel good.


This strain is also known for making you very sociable after smoking, so if you think you are an introverted person, then it can help you.

But along with making you sociable, this strain has certain side effects of giving you headaches and making you mildly paranoid. So it is recommended that you won’t smoke a lot at once.


It has been seen that the Pink Runtz strain increases your hunger level and makes you hungry. So it is best that you stock up on a lot of munchies and food while smoking this strain

It has been seen that the increased level of hunger helps the ones dealing with eating disorders or loss of appetite. But also make sure not to smoke too much as it can give you mild levels of dizziness.

Growing Pink Runtz

The original creators of this real Pink Runtz strain are the breeders of CopyCat Genetics. They made this strain by cross breeding two popular strains, which are a Phenotype of a Runtz strain, which is Gelato and Zkittlez, and crossing it with Pink Panties.

This strain of Pink Runtz can be grown in your own garden also since the Pink Runtz seeds are available online. It would take about 8 to 9 weeks for the flowers to bloom fully.

Growing Pink Runtz Strain Info

Flowering Time 45 – 50 Days
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Grow Difficulty Easy
Harvest Time 50 Days
Yield Outdoor
Yield Indoor < 0.5 Oz/ Ft sq(<150 g/m sq)
Height Indoor < 30 
Height Outdoor < 30

Pink Runtz Strain Review: What Do Others Have To Say!

Here are other strain connoisseurs have to say about the Pink Runtz strain.

Pink Runtz Strain Review

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

If you have any more questions, then here are some of the queries that others had.

1. What Is The Difference Between Runtz And Pink Runtz?

Ans: If you are someone who prefers high potency in their weed, then you might prefer the White Runtz, but if you want more flavor, then go with the Pink Runtz. And if you are looking for both potency and flavor, then the original Runtz is the best. 

2. Is Pink Runtz A Sativa Or An Indica?

Ans: Pink Runtz is made off with a 50/50 ratio of both sativa and indica. It is also THC dominant and has a percentage of 23% – 25% of THC and no significant CBD. 

3. What Does Pink Runtz Help With?

Ans: Pink Runtz is very popular as it is a very calming strain that helps a lot with people dealing with stress and depression. It is known to uplift your mood, so it is really helpful with rapid mood swings and nausea, daily fatigue, and even loss of appetite. 

Wrapping Up!

The pink runtz strain is very popular among smokers who want something that will uplift their mood have made them chill out and have fun. This also deals with the loss of appetite, so many health problems are dealt with this strain of weed.

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