Sage Potash: Supporting Agriculture With a Domestic Supply of Potash



Sage Potash is a Canadian company that intends to become a prominent domestic potash producer within the Paradox Basin situated in Utah through sustainable solution mining techniques. Sage Potash understands the importance of a positive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) rating. Therefore, the company has embraced a modern method of potash mining that has significantly less impact on the environment than historical methods of mining the mineral.

The company’s flagship project, Sage Plain Potash Property, is located in the Paradox Basin, potentially containing roughly two billion tons of potash. Utah is a mining-friendly jurisdiction with a steady supply of talented workers. In addition, the project has a robust infrastructure that includes road and electricity access that facilitates faster exploration and development.

Paradox Basin

Company Highlights

  • Sage Potash is a Canadian based exploration and development company focused on developing a US domestic potash supply.
  • Potash is an essential ingredient in fertilizer that helps increase crop yields and improves disease resistance.
  • Sage Plain Potash Property, the company’s flagship project, is located in a Utah region known for hosting over two billion tonnes of potash.
  • The company estimates that its flagship project will produce an initial amount of 175,000 tonnes of potash annually while also expanding the resource estimates to support 2MMT/yr.
  • The deposit attributes contribute to lowest quartile production costs.
  • Ideally situated to supply local and regional markets with lowest transportation costs.
  • An experienced management team leads Sage Potash towards its goals, with experts in corporate management, corporate finance, and diverse experience throughout the resource sector.

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