The 10 BEST KUSH Weed Strains in the world!

Top-10 Kush Cannabis Strains

The Hindu-Kush mountains that form part of the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan are home to Kush family of cannabis plants, which tend to be indica dominant.

What also makes this weed so recognizable is its pungent smell – Kush is not best smoked in public spaces, well not if it is illegal to do so, anyway.

The skunk smell from Kush cannabis sticks like something unmentionable to a blanket, so even if the state of your eyes doesn’t give the game away, the smell will!

So, who or what is the king of pungent Kush – well that would be Cataract Kush.

This is a cross between OG Kush and LA Confidential and it’s loud. The skunky odour is unmistakable, and that’s before you’ve even lit up!

We reckon carbon filters were invented for Kush growers, that’s for sure!

This is a plant that likes bags of fertilizer (pun intended) and benefits from early topping too.

OG Kush is probably the best-known Kush, having a THC level of up to 25% with a low CBD level.

Expect to get hit with a one-two punch from this iconic strain created from Chemdawg, (Pronounced kem-dog), Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush.

First you get an uplift from the sativa, followed by the narcotic effects of the indica element. This is a first-rate plant capable of producing the best high-inducing cannabis around.

Critical Kush is a combination of OG Kush and Critical, as the name suggests.
This is an indica-dominant strain with up to 25% THC levels, tempered by up to 2% THC to help restore your sanity.

Critical Kush is fast to flower and requires minimal maintenance, making it ideal for novices to grow, especially as it responds well to bloom boosters.

Master Kush sounds like a character from Star Wars, and though pungent as hell, provides a more manageable hit thanks to its lower THC levels of between 15 and 18%.
Think mellow, not total oblivion.

This is a great Kush for indoor growing as it produces short, stocky plants that also flower inside eight weeks.

All round, a great Kush for ‘newbies’.

You’d think the name Power Kush would imply some mind-blowing high as the result of smoking this weed.

It’s actually the opposite thanks to a 12-16% THC level.

Anticipate a sense of euphoria, a gentle sense, followed by a tranquil body-stoned effect.
If you’re the impatient type you’ll love Power Kush, which has a pedigree lineage of Afghani #1 and Skunk #1 as it flowers within seven weeks!

King’s Kush is a cross between OG Kush and Grape, making it bona fide cannabis royalty.
If you’re an indoor grower and favour Screen of green methods or prefer to LST plants, King’s Kush is a must!

The 20% THC level will help to produce a long-lasting mellow high, while the sweet and sour flavours are unique and a real treat.

Lemon Kush is notable for its sour smoke and is reputed to be a product of crossing Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Pakistani Kush.

Unlike the intense couchlock stoning you get from OG Kush, you may be surprised by Lemon Kush’s inspirational and motivational high.

An eight-to-ten-week bloom is achieved through sensible pruning to stop the plant running out of control.

Unusually, this is a very nutrient-hungry plant and it thrives when grown in a hydroponic set-up.
To say that Vanilla Kush is tasty is an understatement. Imagine-less-than subtle hints of a flavour more usually associated with ice cream.

You should also take note that this is a heavy-duty indica strain, the result of crossing Afghan Kush with Kashmir. Hardly a surprising result then!

This is a compact, dwarf plant, perfect for indoor growing with a maximum height of one metre.
Expect flowering after eight weeks and 22% THC levels from its rock-hard Kush nuggs.

Hindu Kush is the grandaddy of them all, the original strain brought out of the Hindu Kush Mountains back in the 1970s when you were just a twinkle in your stoned father’s eye!

Entire seed banks have been founded on the genetics of this ancient landrace, it is prized breeding stock.

This is a sturdy plant, easy to cultivate and one which benefits from minimal nutrients, growing like a clone from seeds, time after time.

Perfect for SOG, Hindu Kush is equally happy growing indoors or outdoors, so perfect for a balcony.

Hindu Kush is also a fast developer, flowering after just seven weeks, while organic soil cropping is highly recommended.

It has been said that Afghan Kush arguably kick-started the modern Kush renaissance, though who said it we have absolutely no idea.

The original seeds were smuggled out of Afghanistan just before the commencement of the Russian Afghani War, which put rather a kybosh on things in 1979.

This is a potent, no, make that phenomenally potent strain and subscribes to the old-school hash farmers’ strain, producing sticky, resinous buds.

Plants grow as wide as they do tall, to a maximum of one metre either way indoors, though can exceed 2m if grown outdoors in a Mediterranean climate.

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