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best cannabis youtube channels

With the unprecedented levels of innovation and knowledge in the cannabis industry, Youtube channels are gaining more popularity with each passing day.

The best cannabis youtube channels have become the number one source of information regarding different strains, how to grow them and how to consume.

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Youtube shut down numerous channels during the Youtube crackdown, but we still have plenty of videos about medical marijuana, its uses, and more surfacing the internet every day, which benefits the digital marijuana community.

Whether you’re looking to smoke marijuana or grow it within the comfort of your home, many youtube channels can walk you through every step of the process.

The following youtube channels share their creativity, knowledge, and experience with cannabis users to guide them. These cannabis-related videos are created for educational purposes.


Best YouTube Channel for Cannabis Community

Since cannabis became legal in most parts of the world, cannabis enthusiasts have taken over the internet.

They use youtube to share knowledge and experience and hold an open and honest conversation regarding the negative and positive impact cannabis has on you.

But what are some of the best cannabis youtube accounts? Here you can learn about the recently updated accounts that share all things cannabis!


RuffHouse Studios


Whether you’re looking to improve your cannabis rolling techniques or want to know how to make the best edibles, the RuffHouse Studios has it all!

This youtube channel is one of the most popular cannabis-related channels that provide extensive and in-depth reviews, how-to videos and guides, and the art of making the perfect edibles, cannabutter, and more.

They also have a tips and tricks series for cannabis users. Their videos are entertaining and highly informational as they feature educational overviews. The RuffHouse Studios has over 680K subscribers thanks to their cannabis series.


From Seed to Stoned

From Seed to Stoned

From Seed to Stoned was introduced to youtube in 2018, and since then, this cannabis channel has gained a massive following.

With over 500k subscribers at the time of writing, this channel has become a favorite amongst the cannabis community.

The content covers various cannabis topics such as cannabis cultivation, harvesting, and equipment reviews. It also has thorough cannabutter content and other cannabis recipes to make edibles.

If you’re a beginner, this youtube channel has plenty of information. But this cannabis channel and its content are aimed at adults over 21. The videos published are for documentary purposes or for people looking to use medical marijuana.


Canucks Grow

Mr. Canucks Grow

Mr.Canucks Grow is another popular youtube channel owned by Matt. This cannabis account features video content that explains every aspect of indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation. The videos also teach about training and pruning cannabis plants.

If you want to learn economic cannabis growing tactics at home, this channel is suitable for you as it has extensive videos on how to trim, dry, and cure cannabis.

In addition, Mr. Canucks Grow guide also features videos on making hash, rosin, and more.

You can become a patron of Mr. Canucks to cultivate the best cannabis buds.

Moreover, this channel has engaging content that fulfills its educational purpose and guides cannabis consumers about harm reduction and industry standards.

In addition to this, the channel has various videos on how to grow affordable and legal cannabis at home by putting up an affordable grow tent.


WeedMaps TV


WeedMaps TV is run by an online medical and recreational cannabis dispensary finder. This account is amongst the most updated weed youtube channels as it posts the latest cannabis legalization news, the uses of cannabis, its benefits, and more.

The videos provide information about different cannabis strains, tech, equipment, and product reviews to cannabis growers. They also have news coverage for cannabis industry events.

Moreover, Weedmaps allows you to explore helpful videos and educational topics, which are ideal for beginners.

The topics are easy to comprehend. This youtube weed channel also has detailed videos on how to store cannabis and use it for treating seizure patients, chronic pain sufferer, etc.




Cy Scott, Brian Wansolich, and Scott Vickers, three Orange county engineers, founded Leafly in 2010.

They recognized the growing need for cannabis youtube accounts to promote the digital cannabis community. Therefore, they introduced Leafly, a legitimate source of information, reviews, and guides.

Leafly provides extensive information about cannabis products, strains, cultivation techniques, etc. Therefore it is one of the most trusted destinations to discover more about cannabis and how it benefits users.


Cali Green


Cali Green is an ideal weed youtube channel for beginners as it publishes the most accurate and easy-to-understand content on how to cultivate cannabis. This cannabis youtube channel is operated by a medical cannabis patient who lives in California.

Most of the content discusses different strains, product reviews, cannabis beginner tips, etc. It also features educational plant biology.

Moreover, Cali Green publishes mini-documentaries that explain the growth cycle of plants and discuss the details of each growth state. Therefore, Cali Green is an incredible channel for experts and novices looking to gain information about growing cannabis.


Jorge Cervantes

Jorge cervantes

You need to know more about growing cannabis if you wish to have maximum yield and better and bigger buds. Jorge Cervantes, a cannabis youtube channel, provides information about grow operations and various elements of plant growing stages.

Jorge Cervantes is a cannabis industry legend who has worked with cannabis all his life. He publishes videos sharing his experience about the plants, growth status, tips, tricks, etc.

Moreover, his videos show you exactly how your plants should look in each growth stage when you grow your own cannabis garden. This helps beginners to produce a better harvest.


Bubbleman’s World

Bubblemans World

Bubbleman’s World is a weed youtube channel that walks you through cannabis concentrates. If you’re an enthusiastic cannabis consumer, you need to look into Bubbleman’s content.

With over 20 years of experience, Marcus shares his knowledge, tips, and tricks regarding marijuana on Bubbleman’s World.

The account is among the cannabis youtube channels that feature macro photographs, cannabinoid knowledge, cannabis education, hash making, and more.

This weed youtube channel also publishes educational videos, cannabis culture videos, cannabis-related products, strain reviews, etc.

So if you want to learn more about the wake and bake sessions after purchasing legal pot, Bubbleman’s World has perfect instructional growing techniques, extraction techniques, current cannabis events, hash making, etc.


Growers Network


Growers Network became popular through social media in 2017. This channel evolved over the years to become one of the most popular cannabis brands on youtube. This youtube channel does not publish content about medical marijuana, such as videos, recipes, etc.

Instead, it focuses on delivering authentic information about the properties, strain reviews, and more.

It also publishes comprehensive information about the legal cannabis industry and the many medicinal properties of each strain. These distinctive topics make the channel a popular choice amongst cannabis experts looking to learn more about the marijuana plant and its benefits and impact.


That High Couple

the high couple

That High Couple is a California-based youtube channel run by a cannabis enthusiast couple. They combine vlogging with cannabis to bring you the most entertaining marijuana reviews and more!

On this youtube channel, Clark and Alice explore various strains, products, and more and provide a thorough review of everything related to cannabis.

These two stoners decided to get high with the internet and gained a massive following over the years. They also share the struggles of a cannabis grower.

That High Couple has played a vital role in digitizing the cannabis community as more people are gravitating toward the idea of trying new cannabis products in front of the camera and providing users with authentic reviews.

Their videos have a vlog-style approach that keeps you entertained and updated about the latest products coming to market.



haley 420

Haley420 is an engaging youtube channel that focuses on creating videos with a casual tone. This cannabis-centric account went viral when Haley decided to build cannabis pipes out of chew candies.

She produces light-hearted content that keeps the viewers entertained and provides them with creative ways of smoking marijuana.

Such content helps reduce the negative connotation around the cannabis plant, promoting the cannabis culture.


Erick Khan

eric khan

Erick is a youtube vlogger that publishes his content on the channel run by his name, Erick Khan. He is a legal patient of medical cannabis.

Erick Khan is one of the most laid-back vloggers in the cannabis community.

His channel has consistent cannabis content as he broadcasts numerous videos. The topics range from vape-related diseases and smoking sessions to sharing personal experiences.

If you’re looking for someone to describe their personal smoking experience, Erick Khan’s youtube channel is a must subscribe!


Coral Kamstra

Coral Kamstra-Brown

Coral Kamstra is a popular youtube channel where Coral promotes cannabis culture by posting videos discussing the positive impact of medical cannabis.

Such content helps dissipate the stigma around marijuana. In addition, the content also discusses the health benefits of medicinal marijuana and how it can help treat various diseases.

So if you wish to watch some cannabis videos that represent positive usage and how cannabis saves lives, Coral Kamstra is a good choice.




Munchies is a renowned youtube channel created by the online news provider Vice News. This channel focuses on cannabis edibles, cooking tips, and recipes.

Munchies features videos that are a combination of high-quality cannabis production and cooking tips. This way, the channel takes a different take on how to use cannabis for regular use.

Add Munchies to your must-watch list if you wish to make delicious cannabis edibles.


Strain Central


Josh is amongst the most passionate cannabis connoisseurs on Youtube. He started Strain Central to promote high-quality cannabis content on the internet.

Whether you want to learn about smoking a joint or simply wish to have some updates on certain strains, Strain Central has you covered!

Moreover, his smoke sessions are entertaining, so they keep cannabis enthusiasts hooked for hours!


Closing with Best Cannabis Youtube Channels

The US Federal Government is well aware of the cancer-fighting properties of cannabis. This is why weed is becoming legal in most parts of the United States.

Cannabinoids are also excellent for treating various disorders and oxidation-associated diseases such as inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

Many people are allergic to pharmaceutical pain relievers. In that case, using medical cannabis can help alleviate human suffering.

If you wish to learn about the many benefits of cannabis, how to cultivate it for personal use, and more, subscribe to these weed youtube channels to have quality information.

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