Do Cannabis edibles expire?

Cannabis edibles expire like any other food product. Their shelf life is just the same as their non-cannabis food counterpart. The good thing is that you can extend the shelf life of Cannabis edibles by keeping them away from humidity, heat, contamination, and air. Thus, you have to shield them from direct sunlight, wrap them properly, and keep the air out.

Do Cannabis edibles expire?​

Do edibles have a similar shelf life to regular foods?

Infusing Cannabis into food should not affect its shelf life. Usually, edibles have the same shelf life as their non-cannabis counterpart. Thus, if you have a weed gummy and a regular gummy manufactured simultaneously, they will last the same amount of time.

In addition, edibles will also respond to preservatives when they are added to them. Hence, determining the shelf-life of edibles is easy when you know how long would a regular non-cannabis counterpart manufactured at the same time will last.

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How long do edibles last?

Edibles have different shelf lives. You may see when they expire on their packaging, especially if you buy them in a licensed store or dispensary.

Food products infused with Cannabis will last the same way as their non-cannabis counterpart. They will age more or less like their regular food version. Thus, the Cannabis extract infused with edibles is not a problem regarding expiration. For example, you have a dairy product infused with Cannabis. The dairy will go stale first before the Cannabis extract. Of course, you will not consume it any longer. It would be gross to eat them.

For your safety, ask the budtender how long the edibles you will buy are expected to last. It is to make sure that you will have a period to consume your Cannabis edibles before they expire.

How long do self-made edibles last?

Store-bought, cannabis-infused products like edibles have storage guidelines. As homemade edibles often contain quickly perishable ingredients, you shouldn’t store them at all but rather consume them within two days of making them unless you are 100% sure that the used components have a longer shelf life.


Edibles in the form of a beverage are sealed in a container. It may last for several days when left unopen. However, the moment you open it and is exposed to oxygen, you only have four to seven days to drink it before it starts to go bad.

Baked Goods

Factory-made cookies, brownies, and cakes can last for several weeks when kept in their original packaging. Since they contain preservatives and are packed individually, they can stay fresh at room temperature or in the refrigerator for several weeks. On the other hand, when you bake homemade Cannabis edibles, they will not last compared to those factory-made. Freshly baked goodies will last up to a week only. Thus, you have to consume them right away.


Edible candies like hard candies, gummies, chews, lollipops, and mints have the longest shelf-life among Cannabis edibles. The reason for this is that they have little or no water content and are packed to keep them from oxidizing, making them last for several months under proper storage.

Do edibles lose their potency?

The potency of THC in your edibles decreases over time. It remains the same 3 to 6 months after an edible is manufactured. Following that period, it will slowly start to degrade.

Oxygen can cause edibles to decrease in THC potency. Thus, keeping your edibles in airtight bags or jars is advised to keep them away from direct oxygen to maintain their potency and freshness.

However, the various types of substance wherein edibles are manufactured also affects their potency. For solid-form edibles like gummies, the oxygen in the interior is lesser than in a beverage bottle. In addition, an acidic or basic environment can accelerate the loss of potency of your edibles.

How to store edibles for longer shelf life?

Several factors affect the shelf life of your Cannabis edibles. It includes humidity, sun exposure, heat, contamination, and exposure to air. Thus, proper storing of Cannabis is vital to extend its shelf life.

There are known storage materials that work best to keep your Cannabis edibles and maintain their flavor and quality. One of these is the airtight containers and glass jars. However, these storage materials will do nothing when you do not keep your edibles properly. To extend the shelf-life of your Cannabis, follow these pieces of advice:

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Light will degrade the quality of Cannabis products. They are to be kept in an opaque container to keep them away from direct sunlight.

Wrap Properly

Avoid wrapping edibles in sandwich bags or plastic wrap. Edibles can stick to plastic. The plastic wrap will affect the taste of the edibles. Instead, you may use wax and parchment paper because edibles will not stick to it. It can also maintain the taste and quality of your edibles.

Keep Air Out

Use airtight containers and glass jars to store your Cannabis edibles. These containers will keep your edibles from moisture and air. Moisture and air can lead to faster spoilage of your Cannabis edibles since they feed molds and bacteria.

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