From the Archives: The Horror of the Excessive (2020)

By Richard Saunders

“Concern is the mind-killer,” American writer Frank Herbert wrote in his 1965 novel Dune. Normally, our fears should not primarily based on actuality. Horror movies sometimes hijack current internal fears, such because the guilt from youngsters who’re experimenting with intercourse and alcohol, solely to be offed by serial killer in a slasher movie.

This Halloween season, it’s time to dispel a number of the horror tales and oddities that encompass hashish use. Usually these tales are primarily based on fantasy or on a misunderstanding of the reality—and don’t contain any precise hazard.

Hashish is without doubt one of the least harmful substances identified to man amongst substances that trigger inebriation. For example, a research printed on January 30, 2015, within the journal Scientific Experiences, a subsidiary of Nature, discovered that THC falls into the “low danger” class, particularly when in comparison with comparable substances akin to tobacco or alcohol. The truth is, hashish demonstrated the bottom danger of adverse results of all substances that have been noticed.

But we nonetheless generally hear “horror tales” of people that weren’t ready for the consequences of hashish indirectly. That is normally when somebody consumes an edible and will get extra of an impact than they bargained for. An excessive amount of THC may cause a “white out” or a scary, but normally non-threatening panic. Fortuitously, most Excessive Occasions readers know learn how to titrate hashish they usually aren’t affected by white outs or the adverse results of hashish.

As well as, generally we encounter what we expect is hashish—however is definitely not what we thought. That’s why it’s essential to know what you’re consuming.

Generally hashish can shock you. Listed below are a couple of city legends and horror tales associated to hashish.


On February 11, 2018, Reddit person u/atreides posted a video within the r/NaturelsFuckingTit of what appeared like a nug of weed strolling throughout his hand with tiny legs. It appeared precisely like a inexperienced nug of weed, however with the legs of a bug. “It is a piece of weed—strolling!” the person stated. “I don’t consider this. I’ve by no means seen weed stroll y’all.” This was no alien bug. What it really was is a specimen of lacewing larvae, an insect that hides underneath a pillow of particles as camouflage.

Lacewing larvae decide up plant particles, lichen, and stays of bugs and pile it on their again. Apparently, the bug sometimes seems like a fluffy inexperienced nug, contemplating that a lot of the particles is made out of plant materials. They give the impression of being virtually indistinguishable from a weed nug, aside from the very fact they’ve legs and may stroll.

Since then, comparable movies have emerged on social media, and the lacewing larvae bug has been dubbed the hashish nug bug. Within the occasion that you just see certainly one of your hashish nugs climb out of your stash field and stroll away, don’t smoke it. It’s a bug.

FACTOID: Lacewing larvae are voracious predators, and wolf down aphids and caterpillars with their highly effective pincers. They will chew your finger whether it is mistaken as a caterpillar. Fortunately, they don’t enterprise very removed from house and solely chew when they’re disturbed.


This traditional caper entails a gullible cop who ate manner an excessive amount of of a hashish brownie, with none prior analysis on hashish or its results. In Dearborn, Michigan, in 2007, Corporal Edward Sanchez frantically dialed 911 after consuming a cannabis-infused brownie along with his spouse that he had confiscated from an earlier arrest.

This cop didn’t perceive the dosage of his edible, or how lengthy it takes for the height results of THC. Edibles can take as much as two hours to kick in. Not solely did the cop assume he was overdosing, however he thought he was already lifeless. “I feel we’re dying,” Sanchez cried on a dispatch recording, in a viral YouTube video. “We made brownies, and I feel we’re lifeless, I actually do.” Corporal Sanchez was pressured to resign, however prevented felony prices after his hilarious ordeal.

Sadly, Corporal Sanchez wouldn’t be the final cop to panic after consuming a marijuana edible. In 2018, two cops from the Toronto 13 Division in Canada illogically referred to as for backup after getting too excessive from consuming edibles. These cops additionally prevented prices, however have been suspended from responsibility after their mishap. Some folks by no means study.

FACTOID: You can not bodily overdose on hashish. You would need to take 40,000 occasions the traditional dosage of THC to die. In a 2005 research by French scientists, 92 mg/kg THC intravenously produced no fatalities in monkeys. That’s similar to a 154-lb human smoking virtually three kilos in a single sitting.


Within the December 1975 problem of Excessive Occasions, author Steve Block described one devilish plant that feels like a horror story. Usually referred to as by its frequent title, the “Satan’s Snare,” the plant is within the nightshade household and Datura genus. In line with a lot of stories that fall into city legend, many youngsters have made the silly resolution to attempt Jimson weed as a substitute for weed, given the similarity of the names and its psychoactive properties. Weirdly, Datura vegetation can simply be discovered within the wild, and are grown for his or her flowers in some instances.

Nearly all stories of Jimson weed learn like a horror story: The plant causes intense delirium that lasts for as much as a number of days, and virtually all customers say they by no means needed to attempt the plant once more. That’s as a result of if your loved ones and pals don’t know why you’re delirious, you can find yourself within the emergency room till medical doctors can determine what’s mistaken with you. You can not select to perform when the lively chemical substances are activated.

Jimson weed (Datura stramonium) comprises the tropane alkaloids atropine, hyoscyamine and scopolamine—that are highly effective deliriants.

By no means, ever devour Jimson weed. Simply don’t. Practically all stories point out that the plant’s results final manner too lengthy, and it’ll inevitably trigger issues. It’s additionally doubtlessly poisonous and harmful on your physique. Regardless of Jimson weed’s use in a whole bunch of American indigenous cultures as a sacred coming-of-age herb, it causes doubtlessly terrifying visions that final days. Practically all stories describe its results as “disagreeable,” regardless of its energy. It’s foul-smelling, and its seed pods are coated in ominous spikes—nature’s manner of claiming, “Keep away.”

FACTOID: Jimson weed can be utilized medicinally for poultices to appease scalds and burns. It’s additionally aggressively invasive, and doubtless worse than these random seeds persons are receiving from China.


On September 21, 1970, then-unknown actor Invoice Murray boarded a flight from Chicago to Denver, the place he was enrolled in a pre-med course. He was solely 20 years previous on the time. The factor was, Murray was carrying 10 kilos of marijuana in his baggage—which is trafficking proportions.

Then Murray, being the jokester he’s, was (in all probability) further excessive and joked about having two bombs in his suitcase. Congratulations for staying on the down-low, Invoice! Not.

Clearly, the ticket agent didn’t discover his joke humorous in any respect, and instantly notified the U.S. Marshals. Murray panicked and tried to stuff his suitcase into an airport locker, however was unsuccessful, as brokers shortly surrounded him. Brokers discovered 5 two-pound bricks of hashish supposedly price $20,000. The horror! Think about being a 20-year-old pre-med pupil dealing with onerous time.

As an alternative, Murray was fortunately given solely 5 years probation as a first-time offender, however his days as a pre-med pupil have been over.

FACTOID: This occasion would really spark Murray’s curiosity in appearing, and set out the course for his defining profession in Hollywood. Murray would go on to fulfill John Belushi and visitor star on the unique season of Saturday Evening Reside, be a part of completely for the second season, and the remainder is historical past.

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